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Augmented Reality in the Casino Industry

Think Different. Stand out Among the Rest. REVIGLiOS - Custom Mobile Apps
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Think Different. Stand out Among the Rest. REVIGLiOS - Custom Mobile Apps
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Augmented Reality Casino Tables at G2E 2017
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Augmented Reality Casino Tables at G2E 2017

Augmented Reality Slot Machine demo at G2E 2017
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Augmented Reality Slot Machine demo at G2E 2017

Augmented Reality on the Casino floor - User's View G2E 2017
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Augmented Reality on the Casino floor - User's View G2E 2017

Augmented Reality (AR): Combining Real-world Landscapes With Your Virtual Product Or Service Experience

AR is changing the shape of commerce and virtually every business genre out there. We will be using technology to redefine the world we see by placing a virtual layer over reality...using computer animation, GPS and other tech to create an "augmented" reality. 

In 2017, the AR developer kits were released in both Apple's iOS and Google's Android. In 2018, we saw the first wave of AR apps being released from name brand companies to small startups. AR apps are not solely being designed for gamers, but are helping the consumer solve practical issues in everyday life. This ranges from picking out furniture that will fit in a specific space to making sure luggage will fit on a plane in the overhead compartment. 2018 saw major brands like Amazon, IKEA and Wayfair bring to life "Amazon AR View", "IKEA Place", and "View in Room 3D". This proves that AR apps are not just another fad, but are becoming a way of life and will become as necessary as having a cell phone, a website or a business card. They help market and sell products while empowering the consumer to make better informed decisions and that in and of itself is worth more than gold. That empowerment creates trust in a company and builds lifelong repeat business.

Affordability. AR apps are more affordable and are 3X more profitable than VR

It is not a matter of IF,

but how soon can you incorporate it into your business?

Where are AR apps headed in 2019?

From creative AR campaigns, to Social AR, to continued AR Commerce, Augmented Reality is exploding.

Augmented Reality

AR in the Gambling & Casino Industry

 AR apps are ever expanding and in all markets. On October 4, 2017, we unveiled our new Augmented Reality (AR) app for the Gambling & Casino Industry at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, NV. (View our press release.)


Below are videos taken live on the casino floor demonstrating its capabilities. These are demos using a virtual slot machine, roulette table and craps table. Imagine the endless possibilities and industries that could benefit from this ability. Not only in the casino market, but with signage, trade shows, hotel remodels, film sets, and the list goes on.

Let Us Help Shine A Light On Your Business

What is an iBeacon you ask?

iBeacon is the name for Apple's technology standard. An iBeacon is a device that works on Bluetooth technology and emits a signal that your devices, either on iOS or Android, detect and alerts the user when you are in the vicinity of the iBeacon, also known as a Beacon.   


In today's business arena, a company deploying iBeacon devices is one step ahead of their competitor. By using a Beacon a store can alert customers of a specific sale upon a customer arriving in their store, help convention goers find there way to your booth, or guide you to your favorite slot machine in a casino. 


Let REVIGLiOS Custom Apps Be Your Guide To The Latest Mobile Technology.

The latest and greatest technology is out there. Let REVIGLiOS help guide you through the steps to implement it into your business.

Let’s have a conversation and see what we can provide for you. Contact REVIGLiOS.

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