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Serious iOS App Power

Custom Mobile iOS Apps
Designed For The Need To Succeed.


REVIGLiOS offers medium-to-large scale businesses customized functionality and seamless integration into their enterprise systems, websites and business devices via custom-designed mobile applications both public and private.

We develop profitable systems for sales and marketing teams on the latest Apple iOS platform and technology, including augmented reality custom app development, iBeacon deployment and more.  We work with – and through – Apple’s mature application support platforms to provide businesses with:

Private, Internal Custom Application Development

Massive Inventory Control & Information Management

Product, Service Line & Sales Information Distribution

Custom, Secure Public Application Development


We work in three areas of custom mobile app development using
Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program and Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP).




We create and help companies securely distribute mobile applications that are distributed solely within a company. This requires an enterprise developer license from Apple.




We create and distribute mobile applications that can be purchased by anybody through the iTunes store.

Business to Business-App-Icon



We create mobile applications that are accessible through a private distribution portal allowing businesses to purchase, access, host and distribute select apps in scale to customers, employees, sales representatives and more. This is transacted through Apple’s VPP.

Private, Public, B2B, Enterprise…What’s It All Mean?

As noted above, a “public” app is simply an application that’s available to the general public – anyone who wants one can get one on the iTunes or GooglePlay store. We’ve developed such apps for World of Froud & Water Works Industry Solutions (WWIS).

Enterprise Level Apps 

allow a company to distribute mobile apps internally, within their organization, for the exclusive use of – and great benefit to -- their salespeople, marketing staff, business managers and employees. (think Lowes, etc.). Apps can be centrally managed with permissions and distributions set by company administrators.  

B2B Level Apps

Business-to-Business apps allow companies to distribute mobile applications externally as well as internally if they desire — to distribute, manage and maintain external uses of a private app for select users, worldwide. Apps can still be centrally managed, but the goal here is seamless distribution to – and use by – as many targeted users the company desires. We’ve developed such apps for companies like Scientific Gaming. 

There are specifics unique to Enterprise and B2B apps – and the point is, REVIGLiOS can do both. 

And help YOU with either. See below for more on exactly how we do this as Apple Development partners. 

Apple-iOS-Mobile Devices

What’s Apple Got To Do With It All?

In a word? Everything. Our business model aligns with Apple’s platforms for a simple, single reason:
They WORK. And work well. 


Few developers have worked longer with Apple’s iOS, mobile development and distribution platforms than REVIGLiOS. We’ve delivered proven big-ticket sales and marketing systems through Apple's Developer Enterprise Program, plus designed and distributed B2B apps using Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program. Our longtime Apple association means smarter, safer, more valuable apps—for private enterprise and B2B apps! 

Apple Developer Enterprise Program...

is for companies with over 300 employees. This program allows you distribute apps internally within your company. This option costs $299.00 per year, and does require the client to first set up an account on Apple, and supply Apple with their business information and DUNS number.


Once created, REVIGLiOS is added to the client’s development team, and then we literally become an extension of the company; working in close collaboration with company stakeholders to create, test and deploy their in-house app for them. 

The Apple B2B VPP Store...

allows you to distribute an app to a select audience beyond your company, or purchase apps in bulk for users you designate. This allows for internal and external use of a private app for select users worldwide. Your user base could be company educational institutions, employees, vendors or clients outside the company.

To utilize the B2B VPP Store, a third-party like REVIGLiOS must be hired to create, test and deploy the app for any business needing private and secure app distribution like this, as per Apple‘s requirements. Similar to Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program, the client must first enroll in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) by supplying Apple with their business information and DUNS number.

While this cost is free to set up, companies must pay licensing fees for all of the apps they purchase. In-house client IT administrators have a number of options at their fingertips – bulk purchasing of apps, select app distribution, even unique, individual redeemable codes. 

User Licensing Fees

Depending on your specific need, application and for security reasons, you may choose to have a login for your app hosted on one of our servers. That allows for Apple to host your app while maintaining a high level of security and only users you choose will be allowed to access the app via a login through our server. REVIGLiOS delivers that convenience to you easily and simply. One fee, per month, per user covers their direct access to the app, maintenance, server use, company licensing and management of the server.

To request a current 2019 User Licensing Fee breakdown, click here.

Apple B2B and Enterprise
Contact REVIGLiOS For Difference-Making Custom Apps

There’s a lot to consider, and a lot to choose from, when the time comes to create and distribute custom mobile applications that make meaningful differences.
We’re here to help you make sense of it all.

For Apple iOS development and deployment, REVIGLiOS
is the name to remember – contact us today.

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