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Smart Business App Solutions

Products. Services. Technology. And Sales.

All Provided By REVIGLiOS Custom Apps.

For large-scale product or information-driven enterprises like gaming, industrial manufacturing, healthcare & entertainment, REVIGLiOS is the Apple mobile solutions provider that integrates large volumes of specific, on-demand enterprise information with nimble, secure mobile applications for sales forces, business managers and app users who need and want true mobility to maintain competitive advantage.

In other words?

REVIGLiOS provides new-fangled custom apps that deliver on old-fashioned promises –
reliability, security and measurable results. 



We’ve created custom applications for world-class gaming companies that provided unprecedented, secure access to high-ticket gaming products faster, while giving customers a sophisticated and secure mobile experience. We weren’t the actual game makers, but rather, the backbone mobile application developers that provided instant, global access to multi-million dollar inventories in ways never before considered.  


So much of what we do is intertwined with core business operations and day-to-day profitability that it’s easy to see why we think of ourselves as B2B partners. Whether it’s on-the-go access to a mountain of products and secure information or streamlining database driven, customized functions, REVIGLiOS apps can act as a business’s secure sales tool, or as a secure information portal – anywhere, anytime – with internet/WiFi access or without. 


What a salesforce needs on hand can change daily based on situations in transit, or in the boardroom. Secure, instant access to every project, sales sheet and video; and to every cell of statistical data and every relevant QR code,  or value add relevant to the point of sale – is what REVIGLiOS Sales brings to custom mobile app development. We’ve been helping big companies realize measurable savings in time and money with custom apps for years.


Knowing how to integrate and deploy emerging app technology and specific features as they become available is one of our hallmarks at REVIGLiOS.  It will do you little good to develop Augmented Reality applications for your customers or iBeacons for your trade show attendee targets two years from now—these technologies are making a difference now.  Choose an app developer who is comfortable mastering the “next best thing.” 

What Can REVIGLiOS Provide For You?

We create custom business solutions for marketing and sales teams that add value and increase profits by utilizing mobile devices to showcase products, share specifications and deliver business critical information.

What that really means is that we can “create” just about anything your organization needs to achieve the goals you want. 

What REVIGLiOS Apps Can Help You Do, Share Or Accomplish:

  • Showcase Patented and Pending Technology

  • Provide Hardware Specifications

  • Manage, update and distribute catalogues

  • Share proprietary information

  • Access user manuals

  • Give Sales and Marketing teams the ability to customize regional info/products for just their customers, on their own apps

  • Develop In-House Reference guides to products that are not available to the public

  • Create a database of current and past Trade show marketing materials, ads, brochures, commercials and promotional videos

  • Repurpose and catalog anything that had been on company DVD‘s, CD‘s and thumb drives and incorporate them into your app

  • QR code readers for sensitive product information that will only work with the app

  • Switch between B2B apps for different company products to expand sales abilities

  • Sell at trade shows, conventions, at meetings or on the plane without being dependent upon unreliable WIFI or internet connections

  • Create custom product lists

  • Provide your case studies to back your sales force

  • Provide secure algorithms to sensitive data for your clients and sales teams

  • Promote sales by using Augmented Reality (AR) to show your products in virtual reality.  Click to get to our AR Demo.

  • Help your target audience find you at trade shows, conventions or sell key products in your store by incorporating iBeacons

Solve Problems. Save Time. Make Money. With REVIGLiOS Custom Apps.

So what does your business need or your sales force want? On-the-go access to a mountain of products and secure information -- with or without the need for WiFi? Database-driven, customized functions that maximize sales opportunities? Do you need to tell or sell a story to customers using awesome interactivity?

Let’s have a conversation and see what we can provide for you. Contact REVIGLiOS.

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