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What’s In A Name?

iOS Is Our Name. Literally.

Originally conceived and created as Big Ben Parliament Creations by husband and wife team Nick Reviglio and Holly Hartzell-Reviglio, it didn’t take long for them – for US – to see “the forest through the trees” in our own name.

By adding an “S” to our name, we plainly reflect our desire to develop applications that clearly demonstrate our successful, long-term partnership with Apple-based solutions.

iOS is where we live, natively speaking. RevigliOS.


Meet Nick & Holly.

Programmers and developers since 1998, Nick Reviglio and Holly Hartzell-Reviglio are native mobile application developers who evolved in lockstep with the explosion of mobile app demand ushered in by the smartphone revolution.

Based in Reno, Nevada, the Reviglios (Nick and Holly) met after Holly had moved to Las Vegas from Pittsburgh to become an elementary school teacher. Nick worked first as an estimator for Western Nevada Supply before opening his own graphic design company. 

Las Vegas would eventually be where they cut their teeth as designers, programmers and eventually, application developers — spending many intensive and fruitful years on the design, programming and application side of the gaming industry for globally recognized gaming concerns.

For almost two decades, Nick and Holly have brought a programmer’s practicality and solution-driven workflow to application development for business and industry, creating public and private apps that range from an interactive children’s app that joyfully connects kids with Santa Claus, to an unforgettable app excursion into the World of Froud co-created by Brian and Wendy Froud.

Nick and Holly have also created a detailed 7-book library of interactive “how to” iBook applications used by the water and sewage industry, to large-scale business apps that provide unparalleled connectivity, access and control for sales and marketing within the gaming industry.

The Reviglios have witnessed first-hand the power of positive application development, and welcome the opportunity to do so for your business as well. 

Nick Reviglio
iOS Developer
Nick Reviglio

Nick began working as an Estimator for his father’s company in Reno – Western Nevada Supply – before opening his own graphic design company.

He then moved to Las Vegas and worked with commercial real estate developer CB Richard Ellis and NAIOP on visual presentations for their conventions. In addition, Nick authored CD‘s to be played on bus tours around Las Vegas, and also worked with Bally Gaming on interactive product catalogues on CD.

Nick has a distinguished history with Bally’s, Bally Gaming, Bally Technologies, WMS, Shuffle Master and eventually Scientific Gaming – and has been developing mobile applications specifically since 2009.

He has experience in 3D modeling, print and layout, graphic design, Auto CAD, Director lingo, X-Code, Objective-C, SWIFT, Xamarin, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Holly Hartzell-Reviglio

It May Surprise You To Know...

Both Nick and Holly worked with Zuffa (UFC) in Vegas designing their first two websites, advertising, posters, programs and credentials, plus designed VHS covers, designed/authored their event DVD titles, and authored the DVDs for Spike TV's Ultimate Fighter Series.

Our Additional Resources

REVIGLiOS is a right-sized, modern-day “lean” company that openly and eagerly mixes full-time veteran development staff with vetted third-party resources who must qualify a minimum of 10 years of category experience prior to consideration as a member of our client team. 


Holly Hartzell-Reviglio 
Art Director / Project Manager

Holly designed and developed slot machines in Las Vegas for Anchor Games/IGT as well as worked for independent gaming companies creating graphics, maps and 3D models for FPS video games.

A graduate of Slippery Rock University, Holly migrated from Pittsburgh, PA to Las Vegas to first become an elementary teacher before working as a professor at the Art Institute of Las Vegas, teaching Apple’s Mac and Photoshop.

She is proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, graphic design, video editing, storyboard layout and design, iDevice layout and functionality, iBooks Authoring, Art Direction and Project Management.

She also has experience in Final Cut Pro, 3D Studio Max and various layout and design programs. 

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