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How Can We Help You?

Sometimes a new update will create an unforeseen issue. While we are constantly testing and updating our apps, we are human and may miss something. We value you as a customer and should you have any problems, please tell us in the form below:


  • Device you were using (example: iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)

  • Specific model (iPhone 6+, Samsung Tablet 10.1, etc.)

  • Explain the problem you encountered

  • List any error messages

  • What you were doing when the error occurred (I minimized the the app or I clicked on the Info button)?

  • What screen you were on when you encountered an issue?

Include your email if you would like a response back. If you do not leave an email, we will be unable to contact you to help.


We will respond to your issue and provide an update within 24 hours.


Please give us a chance to respond. Thank you for your help.

Thank you! Message sent.

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